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  • Tip 3000

Tip 3000

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Practical Plastic Bucket Containing 3000 Colorful Tips!

Ideal to be shared by a family or multiple children!

* 3000 Colorful Tips
* 4 Sponges
* 4 Knives
* 2 Thimbles for Paint and Paste
* 2 Molds for blocks
* 15 Rods
* 2 Manuals for Manual Work

Learn Joking ...
In the construction of creative forms with fischer TiP are promoted, besides creativity, motor functions and three-dimensional imagination.

What's special:
Fischer TiP consists of potato starch and is colored with food colorings.
The advantages of potato starch are notorious:
- Glue without adhesive, thus being safe and unquestionable.
- Excellent adhesive capacity.
- Bright, bright colors.
- Renewable raw material and thus compatible with
with the environment and sustainable.
- Neutral in odor.

In addition, a multiplicity of patented tools offers unlimited pleasure for handiwork!