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  • Physics II

Physics II

SKU: LLE- 0064
159,95 €  
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The latest member of the "Fun with Physics" family fischertechnik.
More action, faster speeds and even bigger models! With all of the new special pieces such as 90 ° curves, crosses and heels with catch funnel, race balls through tight corners. Discover new fascinating transport line techniques: With our new mega model the balls are transported back up by a motorized transport wheel. Then they get even higher with the innovative conveyor, which transports the balls one by one all the way to the top in a zig-zag pattern.
The set includes multi-language teaching and activity book, mini engine, 2 x rainbow LEDs, 31 x lanes, 12 x steel balls, 5 x curves, cross-over, capture and battery space. (9 V battery not included)

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