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  • Emotion Set
  • Emotion Set
  • Emotion Set

Emotion Set

SKU: MAGF- 00008
44,99 €  
VAT included

Magformers WOW Set is one of the most popular sets. It's great fun for kids of 3 and is a perfect introduction to the range of construction kits.
This set particularly appeals to children who love cars.

Contains a total of 16 pieces: squares, triangles, a special pilot element and 2 wheel sets.
Includes 22 well illustrated two-sided plane maps showing how to play with the Magformers.
Provides 8 standards demonstrating how easy it is to build with Magformers
Includes 11 standards for younger 3 year old Magformers fans
Suggests 20 vehicle models that can be designed with the Magformers Wow Set set.