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  • Crayon Rocks - Cotton Bag (16)
  • Crayon Rocks - Cotton Bag (16)

Crayon Rocks - Cotton Bag (16)

SKU: CRAY- 00002
13,90 €  
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They are 16 crayons of different summer colors. Try it, draw it, create new colors and have fun!

Children love to draw and write with crayons. This crayon encourages the child to use the thumb and first and second fingers. Due to their shape they do not allow children to easily grip them with a closed fist, which prevents motor development and also makes them more resistant to breakage.

What are they made of?
Unlike most pastels that are made from petrolium paraffin wax, the crayon rocks are made from kosher soy wax. We combine this wax with natural mineral pigments to create beautiful colors.

How are they used?
Our crayons are easy to draw on paper. Colors blend easily and allow children to develop an endless array of new shades and combinations.