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  • Blue, Red and Green Kinetic Sand
  • Blue, Red and Green Kinetic Sand

Blue, Red and Green Kinetic Sand

SKU: LLIN- 00034
41,95 €  
VAT included

Now you can also have sand in three colors: Blue, Red and Green !!
The Kinetic Sand breathes movement. It's an easy-to-shape sand that can take the form of simple designs! Playing with Kinetics is a magical and mesmerizing experience, and it brings moments of relaxation for both young and old.
The kinetic sand is based on 98% pure sand. The secret to the movement lies in our technology hidden in the folder. The product complies with the safety directives of the US and European markets.
Kinetics is sensitive to water; for best results it is recommended to use it indoors where the humidity levels do not exceed 60%. If the compost gets wet, let it dry in the dry air and it will again have the same excellent texture as it had before.
Recommended for children from 3 years.
Includes: 1 kg of red sand, 1 kg of green sand and 1 kg of blue sand

Product characteristics:
Without gluten
Does not attract dust
Never dry
Easy to clean
Does not stain