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Learn from the game

Learn from the game

The game is capable of being the most fun and most effective way to learn.
After the rules and objectives are explained, they need some art to be clear and noticeable right from the start. Deconstructing the language to understand the challenge is not an easy task!
Resorting to the game is “a card we should always have up our sleeves”, those mornings that become difficult because the most heard word is “no” or simply because yes… tantrums and tapes arise… and we as adults have to have strategies to control and survive them.

Let's Play!

Even without knowing ... enjoy the drawings of the room that paint the walls, the props and toys scattered around the house. Where's the blue butterfly? Did you see the letter D?

The memory, the identification of colors and letters, the recognition of animals ... one-way tickets for discoveries and good times for two.
And on the adventure with plates and spoons ... why not play? To give the names to what is savored, to know the differences of before and after, of the raw and the preparations, of the liquids and the solids.
And in the idea that our children grow up in the kitchen, because the time we are there is immense, it can also become a time of sharing, richer, without running the risk of seeing us only with our back to and fro as one. giant octopus that gestures and juggles pan, mop and pots all at the same time and well synchronized.  
In car trips, especially those that after the first ten minutes you can hear: “Are we there yet?”, In transport with or without windows… counts, laughter, songs and challenges.

All environments are conducive to becoming precious moments of learning, games and timeshare!