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Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?
A Cookie also known as HTTP Cookie, Web Cookie or Browser Cookie, is a small text file that is stored in the browser directories of your pc or mobile phone, retaining information about your preferences, not including, as such, your personal data . Cookies are used to facilitate and improve the efficiency of browsing the websites, saving the information of your preferences and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the information.

There are two types of Cookies:

Session Cookies - These are temporary cookies that the server uses to store information about the user's activities on the website during a browser session. These Cookies are deleted whenever the browser is closed.
Permanent Cookies - These are cookies that are stored in the browser's directories on your computer or mobile phone. These Cookies are used whenever the user makes a new visit to the website and generally serve to store information of preferences and interests, thus allowing the provision of a more personalized service.
For more information on Cookies go to http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Cookies Used:
Your Cookies can be used for the following purposes:

To recognize your computer when you visit our website
To register your navigation on the website
To improve the usability of the website
To analyze your use of the website
We use Google Analytics to analyze your use of the website. Google Analytics generates statistics and other information about the website through the cookies that are saved on your computer. The information generated in connection with our website is used to create reports on the use of the website. Google will store this information. Google’s privacy policy is available at http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html.

How can I manage Cookies?
Cookies can be disabled in part or in whole at any time, however due to its role in improving the usability of the website, disabling Cookies may prevent users from using certain websites.  
To disable Cookies in different browsers, go to http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/

Contact us  
If I have any questions about Cookies or our cookie policy, please contact us.

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