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The acronym CTEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. CTEAM toys arouse curiosity in these areas and may well be the learning of future scientists, aeronautical engineers or robotics specialists!

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Magformers set Magformers set

Magformers set

A série Magformers Basic 14, contém peças de construção magenticas únicas de Magforme

24,99 €
Adventure on the Mountain

Adventure on the Mountain

Travel through the Rocky Mountains with the Magformers Adventure Mountain 32 Pc. Discover ...

64,99 €
Jungle Adventure Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure

Test your building skills you can build a cart or a truck.…

69,99 €
Desert Adventure Desert Adventure

Desert Adventure

The Magformers Desert Adventure Set is a must for all children who love

72,99 €
World of the Forest World of the Forest

World of the Forest

The aspiring breeders are sure to love the construction of forest animals ...

44,99 €
Little friends Little friends

Little friends

Young minds will love discovering how to build 12 different animals with the set ...

34,99 €
Race car Race car

Race car

Build, create, race! Children can create 14 different cars and 10 motorcycles ...

109,99 €
Emotion Set Emotion Set

Emotion Set

Magformers WOW Set is one of the most popular sets. It is great fun for children ...

44,99 €
First Red Car First Red Car

First Red Car

Young builders can experience the fun of creating their first car with ...

32,99 €
Construction Set Construction Set

Construction Set

The Magformers Construction Set contains 50 parts, including great accessories…

54,99 €
Magic Set Magic Set

Magic Set

Create 36 different ideas with the new Magic Pop Set from MAGFORMERS®. Arrives in 6 colors

54,99 €
Inspiration Set Inspiration Set

Inspiration Set

Magformers Inspire 30 September is a wonderful set that was specifically designed ...

49,99 €
Super Windows 20 Parts Super Windows 20 Parts

Super Windows 20 Parts

Discover MAGFORMERS® always attracting technology and building a cube, a small ...

34,99 €
Super Windows 40 Parts Super Windows 40 Parts

Super Windows 40 Parts

Create 3 D structures from 2 D networks with Magformers Window Plus 50 Pc Set. Small ...

62,99 €
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Ludicenter is a space for creativity and experimentation that fits children and adults. Here we are all masters and apprentices without distinction because curiosity is ageless. We are a store specializing in playful, educational and sustainable toys. We believe that playing is the best way to change the world.…

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