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The acronym CTEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. CTEAM toys arouse curiosity in these areas and may well be the learning of future scientists, aeronautical engineers or robotics specialists!

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Máquinas Power

Máquinas Power

É gigante! Quase 1.40 de comprimento, quase 80 cm de altura e com 1500 peças para construir!…

255,90 €
Oeco Energy Oeco Energy

Oeco Energy

How can you produce green electrical energy? Renewable energies will

110,00 €


Investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light! The model of the planet demonstrates ...

90,00 €
Control set Control set

Control set

The four infrared remote control channels allow you to control fischertechnik models ...

69,95 €
Accu set

Accu set

Charger with a micro-controller to protect an overload. Simply charge during ...

53,00 €
Rolling Action Rolling Action

Rolling Action

Balls run on these unique rails, through various obstacle courses. They can…

73,90 €
Pneumatics 3 Pneumatics 3

Pneumatics 3

More than 700 components from the current Fischertechnik collection. Packed in the Box of 1000 ...

120,00 €
Dynamics M

Dynamics M

You can build up to 4 different models! More action, more sound and more rails! When…

65,00 €
Dynamic L Dynamic L

Dynamic L

Have fun while learning physics! The balls run on the rails. Accelerate and decelerate, ...

110,00 €
Pneumatic Power Pneumatic Power

Pneumatic Power

Este novo conjunto serve para aprender enquanto se brinca! Vamos descobrir os princíp

50,00 €
Power Set

Power Set

Unidade de alimentação com unidade de controlo variável. Plug in Class-2 Transformer.…

53,00 €
Solar energy Solar energy

Solar energy

Renewable energies will play an increasingly important role in the future. Like this…

50,00 €
Excavators Excavators


The new wheels of these models give excellent traction, whether as a road grader, recovery ...

22,50 €
ROBO TX Automatos ROBO TX Automatos

ROBO TX Automatos

Quatro robôs industriais baseados na relidade e totalmente funcionais: de armazenamento,…

210,00 €
ROBO TX Eletropneumático

ROBO TX Eletropneumático

Os temas da eletropneumática e da tecnologia de vácuo são demonstradas claramente…

200,00 €
Portes Grátis para encomendas superiores a 15€

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Playing is a serious matter!

Ludicenter is a space for creativity and experimentation that fits children and adults. Here we are all masters and apprentices without distinction because curiosity is ageless. We are a store specializing in playful, educational and sustainable toys. We believe that playing is the best way to change the world.…

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